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Expertise in School Photography


With our specialized focus on gymnastics, martial arts, dance, and other school activities, we understand the requirements of capturing these dynamic moments. From capturing posed group shots to freezing those exhilarating movements, we ensure a diverse and engaging visual representation of your students' skills and passion.

Streamlined and Organized Photo Day


We understand the importance of efficiency and simplicity when working with schools. Our team is well-versed in streamlining the photography process, making the photo day organized and stress-free.

Child-Friendly Approach


Working with small kids and their parents requires a gentle and patient approach. Our photographers are experienced in creating a comfortable and relaxed environment, allowing children to feel at ease during the shoot. We understand the importance of capturing genuine smiles and expressions, resulting in authentic and memorable photographs.

Flexible Workflows and Payment Options


We offer various workflows and payment options to accommodate the unique needs of each school. Additionally, we offer the convenience of post-photo day purchases without the need for pre-payment, ensuring parents have the opportunity to select and purchase their desired photos.

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About Candy fox

Greetings and salutations! We are a top-notch photography studio situated in the vibrant Cinco Ranch Katy, TX area. Our team of skilled shutterbugs are equipped to handle all your photography needs - whether you require professional headshots, stunning e-commerce snaps or delicious food photography, we have got you covered!


How We Work5 simple steps

Step 01 Planning and Coordination

We'll discuss package details, pricing, backgrounds, hair, makeup, schedule, tutor's help and provide instructions for the day.

Step 02 Performance Coverage

We'll seize performers' energy and skills, freezing action with fast shutter speeds to capture their glory.

Step 03 Studio Body Shots

In the studio, we'll create impactful body shots highlighting strength, grace, and form. Lights will enhance muscles and movement.

Step 04 Image Selection

Students will receive proof images to curate their collection. Each student gets their unique gallery for seamless selection.

Step 05 Delivery and Appreciation

Prints will find their way to your school or students, digital downloads will be delivered through email links.

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QuestionsWhich are asked most often

How do we initiate the process of working with your studio for our dance, gymnastic, martial arts, or other school?
  • To get started, simply contact us, typically the owner or representative of the school, to express your interest. We will gather some basic information from you and schedule a face-to-face consultation.
What happens during the consultation?
  • The consultation is an important step where we discuss the format and expectations of the photo shoot. We cover topics such as background options, individual and group shots, logistics, makeup, hair, uniforms, and any specific requirements unique to your school. We also present different package options and pricing details.
Can we customize the packages to suit our specific needs?
  • Absolutely! We understand that each school has unique requirements. During the consultation, we showcase several packages for you to choose from. If none of the existing packages fully meet your needs, we can create custom packages tailored specifically to your requirements.
How do we handle the logistics of the photo shoot day?
  • Once the consultation is complete and the package is selected, we work with you to determine the most suitable date for the photo shoot. We guide you on how to inform the students about the photo day and, if necessary, assist in dividing them into groups based on scheduling considerations.
What are the payment arrangements for the photography services?
  • We discuss pricing details and payment arrangements during the consultation. We provide transparency about our pricing structure and work with the school to determine a suitable payment process.
Can you capture action shots during our performances or routines?
  • Yes! If you would like action shots captured during your performances or routines, we can accommodate that. During the consultation, we discuss the logistics and requirements to ensure we capture the dynamic moments effectively.
How long does it take to receive the final edited photos?
  • The turnaround time for delivering the final edited photos varies depending on the scope of the project. We strive to provide you with the images as efficiently as possible while maintaining the highest quality standards. During the consultation, we can provide an estimate based on your specific requirements.
Do you offer print or digital copy options for the photos?
  • Yes, we offer various options for ordering prints and digital copies of the photos. We can provide you with access to online galleries or offer customized print products to meet your needs. We will provide information on how to order and receive the photos.
Can we see examples of your previous work with dance, gymnastic, martial arts, or other schools?
  • Certainly! We can showcase our portfolio and provide references from previous clients in the dance, gymnastic, martial arts, or other school communities. This will give you a sense of our expertise and the quality of our work.
What should our students wear or bring for the photography session?
  • We will provide guidelines and recommendations on attire, hairstyles, and any props or accessories students should bring for the photography session. These details will be discussed during the consultation to ensure a successful and cohesive look for the photographs.

If you have any additional questions or specific requirements, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. We are here to assist you and create a memorable photography experience for your school.

What is the payment process?

During the consultation, the school has the flexibility to choose between two options:

  • Pre-payment Option: Students can choose and pay for their preferred packages before the photo shoot. This allows for a streamlined process, ensuring that the desired packages are secured in advance.
  • Post-selection Option: Alternatively, students can select their desired images and package during or after the photo shoot. They have the opportunity to review the images and make their selections before making the payment.

We provide guidance and support throughout the selection and payment process, ensuring a smooth and convenient experience for the school and students.

How do you work with dance, gymnastic, martial arts, and other schools? Describe the process.

When contacted by a representative of the school, usually the owner, we follow a structured process to ensure a successful collaboration. Here's an overview of how we work:

  • Initial Contact and Consultation Scheduling: After receiving the initial inquiry, we schedule a face-to-face consultation at our studio. During this consultation, we delve into the details of the photo shoot, including the format and expectations. We discuss various aspects such as background options, individual and group shots, and any specific requirements unique to the school. Additionally, we determine a point of contact, often a coach or teacher, who will be responsible for organizing and communicating with the students.
  • Logistics and Preparations: During the consultation, we address logistical considerations, such as setting a suitable date for the photo shoot and organizing students into groups if necessary. We discuss factors like makeup, hair, and uniform requirements to ensure a polished and cohesive look for the photographs. If action shots are desired, we discuss the logistics and requirements for capturing those dynamic moments.
  • Packages, Pricing, and School Payment: We present several packages during the consultation, giving you a range of options to choose from. These packages can include different combinations of prints, digital images, or customized photo products. If none of the existing packages meet your specific needs, we are flexible and can create custom packages tailored to your requirements. We also discuss pricing details and the school's payment process.
  • Setting the Photo Day: Once the consultation is complete, we work with the school to determine the best date for the photo shoot. We provide guidance on how to inform the students about the photo day, ensuring their availability and participation. If required, we help divide students into groups based on scheduling considerations.

Throughout the process, we maintain open communication and collaboration with the school representative, addressing any questions or concerns that may arise. Our goal is to create a smooth and enjoyable experience for everyone involved, capturing memorable moments that showcase the talent and spirit of the students.

By following this structured approach, we ensure that the photo shoot aligns with the school's vision, captures the desired shots, and delivers high-quality images that can be treasured by students, parents, and the school community.

Please note that the specific details and steps may vary depending on the unique requirements and preferences of each school.

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