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Advantages of Candy fox in food photography

Increased Appetite Appeal


High-quality food photography can make a significant impact on your restaurant's success by visually enticing customers. When your menu features appealing images of your dishes, it stimulates the viewer's appetite, making them more likely to order. Aesthetically pleasing visuals create a sensory experience that can positively influence customers' perception of your food.

Enhanced Menu Comprehension


Sometimes, the name of a dish may not provide sufficient information for customers to make an informed decision. By showcasing well-captured images of your dishes, you bridge that gap. Customers can visually comprehend what the dish looks like, allowing them to better understand the ingredients, presentation, and portion size. This transparency helps customers choose the dishes that align with their preferences, leading to higher satisfaction and repeat orders.

Boosted Online Presence and Delivery Platforms


In today's digital age, people often rely on online platforms such as Google Maps, DoorDash, and food delivery apps to explore and order from restaurants. Eye-catching food photography can play a crucial role in attracting potential customers and standing out among competitors. Engaging visuals on these platforms create a memorable impression, driving more customers to choose your restaurant over others.

Social Media Shareability


Great food photography has the potential to go beyond your restaurant's immediate reach. When customers encounter visually stunning dishes, they are more likely to share them on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. User-generated content showcasing your restaurant's delicious offerings can increase brand exposure and attract new customers who are inspired by the mouth-watering visuals shared by others.

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About Candy fox

Greetings and salutations! We are a top-notch photography studio situated in the vibrant Cinco Ranch Katy, TX area. Our team of skilled shutterbugs are equipped to handle all your photography needs - whether you require professional headshots, stunning e-commerce snaps or delicious food photography, we have got you covered!


How We Work5 simple steps

Step 01 Conceptualization

Let's team up to understand your culinary style, presentation, and mood, creating a fitting photoshoot for your dishes.

Step 02 Food Styling

Culinary choreography starts – artfully arranging dishes, garnishes, and props. Thoughtful lighting enhances textures and colors.

Step 03 Photography Session

With cameras ready, we'll capture delectable images, translating restaurant ambiance onto screens. Techniques like shallow depth emphasize focal points.

Step 04 Post-processing

We'll sprinkle our editing magic, enhancing colors, contrasts, and ensuring distractions vanish while retaining the deliciously natural look.

Step 05 Delivery and Collaboration

Collaborate for tweaks to resonate perfectly with your culinary style and idea. Receive edited images reflecting your vision.

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QuestionsWhich are asked most often

What type of products can you photograph?
  • Restaurant dishes: This includes capturing the presentation and details of various dishes served in restaurants, cafes, or food establishments.
  • Food packaging: Photographing food products in their packaging, such as boxes, bags, jars, or cans, for marketing and advertising purposes.
  • Ingredients: Images of raw ingredients, such as fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices, meats, and dairy products, are often used in recipe books, culinary magazines, and cooking websites.
  • Beverages: This includes capturing the appearance of drinks, such as cocktails, smoothies, juices, coffee, and tea, either in standalone shots or as part of a food and beverage pairing.
  • Bakery items: Photographing baked goods like bread, cakes, pastries, cookies, and desserts, showcasing their textures, colors, and intricate details.
  • Food displays: Creating visually appealing setups featuring a combination of food items, table settings, and props for editorial or advertising purposes.
  • Food-related products: Apart from food itself, you may also photograph food-related items like cooking utensils, kitchen appliances, cookbooks, and tableware.

These are just a few examples, and the possibilities are vast in the field of food photography. The type of products you can photograph depends on the specific needs and requirements of your clients.

What is your pricing?
  • Basic menu photo shoot on plain background: $75/hour (includes equipment delivery, photo shoot, and preview of all good images to choose from).
  • Additional charge of $25 per photo: This includes copyrights, basic cleanup editing, and color correction.

Example Calculation: For example, if you need to photograph 15 menu items and the photo shoot takes 3 hours, the price would be calculated as follows:

  • 3 hours x $75 = $225 (for the photo shoot duration)
  • 15 x $25 = $375 (for 15 menu item photos)
  • Total: $225 + $375 = $600
  • Plus 6.25% tax: $600 x 6.25% = $37.50
  • The total price for 15 menu items, ready for print, would be $600 + $37.50 = $637.50.

Factors Impacting the Price:

  • Number of products: The total number of products to be photographed can impact the pricing.
  • Styling and props: If the food photography requires elaborate styling, props, or set designs, it may incur additional charges. The complexity of the setup can affect the overall pricing.
  • Image usage and licensing: The intended usage and licensing rights for the photographs can influence the pricing. Commercial usage, exclusive rights, or extended licensing may have higher costs.
  • Post-processing and editing: Additional services such as image separation, handling micro-sized items, or fulfilling unusual requests may be offered by photographers at an additional cost.
  • Location and travel expenses: If the food photography shoot requires the photographer to travel to a specific location or work outside their regular studio, travel expenses may be included in the pricing.
  • Food stylists may be involved to ensure the visual appeal of each item, including the arrangement of ingredients, garnishes, and textures.

Additional Services: Menu design services are available for an extra cost. The pricing for menu design can be discussed separately based on your specific requirements.

Please note that the prices provided are examples, and actual pricing may vary. It's always recommended to discuss your project details and specific needs with the photographer to get an accurate quote tailored to your requirements.

What is the turnaround time?

As a photo studio, our turnaround time for product photography may vary depending on the scope and complexity of the project. However, we always strive to deliver the final images as quickly as possible without compromising on quality.

Generally, our turnaround time for product photography ranges from 1 to 2 weeks, but this may be shorter or longer depending on the number of products being photographed and the amount of retouching or editing required.

We understand that our clients may have specific deadlines or launch dates for their products, and we always work closely with them to ensure that we meet their required delivery timelines.

Before beginning the project, we will discuss and agree upon the timeline with the client, and we will keep them updated on the progress of the project throughout the process.

What kind of file formats do you provide for the images?

As a photo studio, we can provide a variety of file formats for the images we produce, depending on our clients' specific needs and requirements.

Typically, we provide JPEG files as they are widely supported and can be easily uploaded to online stores or websites. JPEG files are also ideal for displaying images on screens or sharing them via email or social media.

However, we can also provide other file formats, such as TIFF, PNG, and RAW files upon request. TIFF and PNG files are suitable for situations where image quality is of utmost importance, such as for printing or professional design work. RAW files, which are the unprocessed digital negatives captured by the camera, are suitable for clients who prefer to have full control over the editing process.

In addition to file formats, we can also provide images in various sizes and resolutions to accommodate our clients' specific needs. Our goal is to provide our clients with the most suitable file formats and sizes to ensure that their images can be used effectively for their intended purposes.

How do you handle photographing menu items that should be captured as soon as they are cooked?

For menu items that are meant to be served hot and consumed immediately, we set up a mobile photography station near the kitchen. This allows us to capture the dishes at their freshest and most visually appealing state, with steam, vibrant colors, and fresh ingredients. We work closely with the kitchen staff to coordinate timing and presentation, ensuring that the dishes are promptly photographed after cooking.

Why is it important to photograph regular menu items immediately after cooking?

Capturing regular menu items as soon as they are cooked is crucial to showcase their freshness, visual appeal, and accurate representation of how they are typically served to customers. By minimizing any delay between cooking and photography, we can highlight the steam, vibrant colors, and textures that make the dishes enticing. It helps convey the essence of the cuisine and ensures that customers get an authentic visual representation of the menu items.

How do you maintain consistency in the presentation and quality of menu item photographs?

We work closely with our clients and their kitchen staff to ensure consistency in the presentation and quality of the menu item photographs. We discuss specific plating techniques, garnishes, and desired visual effects to align with their brand and culinary vision. By understanding their unique requirements, we can create cohesive and visually appealing images that consistently represent their menu items.

Can you photograph menu items on location near the kitchen?

Yes, we can set up our mobile photography station near the kitchen to capture menu items as soon as they are cooked. This allows us to work efficiently and maintain the highest level of freshness and quality in the photographs. It also provides an opportunity for collaboration and coordination with the kitchen staff to ensure a smooth and seamless photography process.

Do you have examples of your food photography portfolio?

Yes, we have a portfolio showcasing our food photography work. You can visit our website or request samples to see the quality, style, and attention to detail that we bring to our menu item photography.

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