Capturing Legal Excellence - Professional
Portraits and Office Environment


Client Background

The client, a team of five lawyers, sought to enhance their online presence and integrate captivating visuals into their website. They desired a comprehensive photoshoot that included professional headshots, group shots, candid images of the lawyers in their office, and capturing the essence of their office environment. Their goal was to save time and create a visually appealing online presence that reflected their professionalism and expertise.


The objective of this case study was to conduct a photoshoot for the five lawyers, capturing professional headshots, group shots, candid images, and the office environment. The images were intended for website integration, as well as banners, with a focus on maximizing efficiency and minimizing the clients' time investment.



Pre-Shoot Planning

To ensure a smooth photoshoot experience, the clients were informed well in advance about the photo session. They were provided with guidelines on appropriate attire and allocated time slots to maximize efficiency. Each lawyer's individual portraits were scheduled for 40 minutes, with an additional 20 minutes allocated for group shots at the end of the session.


On-Location Photoshoot

The photoshoot took place in a single location, the lawyers' office. A team of professional photographers arrived equipped with necessary equipment and a creative vision to capture the desired images. The shoot commenced as scheduled, ensuring minimal disruption to the lawyers' daily routines.


Professional Headshots and Group Shots

Each lawyer received dedicated time for their individual professional headshots. The photographers used their expertise to capture the unique qualities and professionalism of each lawyer. The group shots were coordinated efficiently, reflecting the cohesive teamwork of the legal team.


Candid Shots and Office Environment

In addition to the posed shots, the photographers captured candid images of the lawyers in their office, showcasing their daily activities and work environment. These candid shots provided an authentic representation of the lawyers' dedication and expertise. The office environment was also documented, capturing the ambiance and reflecting the professional atmosphere of the workspace.

Results and Benefits.
The final deliverables for the client included:

Four professional headshots of each lawyer against a green screen, offering flexibility for website integration and future design changes.


Fifteen candid and environment portraits of each lawyer taken around the office, showcasing their authenticity and professionalism.


Three group images that conveyed the unity and collaboration of the legal team.


The efficient planning and execution of the photoshoot
in several benefits for the client:


Time Savings

By meticulously scheduling and allocating time slots, the clients' time investment was minimized, allowing them to focus on their legal responsibilities.


Enhanced Online Presence

The professional headshots, candid shots, and office environment images provided the clients with a visually captivating collection to enhance their website and create impactful banners.


Authentic Representation

The candid shots captured the lawyers' personalities and showcased their dedication, fostering trust and connection with potential clients.


Professionalism and Expertise

The images portrayed the lawyers as confident professionals, instilling confidence in their clients and establishing their credibility within the legal industry.

In conclusion, the photography project successfully captured the legal team's professionalism and expertise while showcasing their office environment. The efficient planning, precise execution, and delivery of high-quality images contributed to an enhanced online presence for the lawyers and reflected their commitment to excellence.

We are extremely pleased with the outcome of our photoshoot with the team at Candy Fox. They truly captured the essence of our legal team and our office environment. The professionalism and expertise of the photographers were evident throughout the entire process. The individual headshots, group shots, and candid images exceeded our expectations, and we are thrilled to incorporate them into our website and banners. The efficient scheduling and minimal disruption to our workday were greatly appreciated. Thank you to the [Photography Company] team for their exceptional work and for saving us valuable time. We highly recommend their services!


Richard Warren Mithoff

Founder Mithoff Law

I had an outstanding photography experience with this team. From start to finish, their professionalism and efficiency were exceptional. They communicated well, allowing us to prepare and save time. The photographers arrived early to set up, and their attention to detail was impressive. During the shoot, they gave each lawyer ample time for individual portraits, capturing us in the best light. The candid shots in our office added a personal touch to our website. The group shots were coordinated flawlessly, reflecting our team's camaraderie. The resulting images were remarkable. The photographers' expertise and creativity shone through in each photo. The green screen option gave us flexibility for website design. I n summary, I highly recommend this photography team. Thank you for the exceptional photos!


Sherie Potts Beckman

Trial attorney Mithoff Law