Photo shoot for Comfort Systems USA


Client Background

Comfort Systems USA is a renowned provider of mechanical, electrical, and plumbing building systems. With a history dating back to their public debut in June 1997, Comfort Systems USA has expanded their operations to encompass over 45 companies and 170 locations across the United States. Their continued growth is attributed to their ability to deliver exceptional services to existing clients while attracting high-quality operations to their network.


The objective of this case study is to capture the essence of Comfort Systems USA and its network of companies through a comprehensive photography project. This includes capturing business portraits, candid shots around the office and shop, and a couple of group pictures. The aim is to visually represent their technical expertise, wide-ranging services, and national footprint.



Planning and Consultation

During the planning phase, a detailed consultation was conducted with Comfort Systems USA to understand their specific requirements and vision. The photography project involved capturing seven business portraits, five of which were to be taken on location with equipment delivered from the studio. Additionally, two portraits were scheduled to be taken in the studio due to the subjects' availability on the day of the shoot. The project also included candid pictures around the office and shop, as well as a couple of group pictures.


Business Portraits

For the business portraits, a light grey background was chosen to ensure a clean and professional look. The on-location portraits were meticulously planned and executed, with the necessary equipment transported from the studio. The two studio portraits were taken separately to accommodate the availability of the subjects. The focus was on capturing each individual's professionalism and highlighting their role within Comfort Systems USA.


Candid Shots

To capture the dynamic environment of Comfort Systems USA's office and shop, candid shots were taken during the photo shoot. These images aimed to showcase the team's dedication, work ethic, and the bustling atmosphere of their operations. The candid shots provided an authentic glimpse into the daily activities and culture of the organization.


Group Pictures

The project also included capturing a couple of group pictures to emphasize the collaborative nature of Comfort Systems USA's work. These images showcased the unity and teamwork within the organization, reflecting their ability to tackle complex projects as a cohesive unit.

Results. The final deliverables for Comfort Systems USA included:

Seven portrait

Each comprising two high-quality images per person. These portraits effectively conveyed the professionalism and expertise of the individuals within the organization.


Candid pictures captured around the office and shop

Providing an authentic representation of Comfort Systems USA's work environment and culture.



that highlighted the unity and collaboration among team
members, showcasing their ability
to tackle complex projects


The comprehensive photography project successfully captured Comfort Systems USA's excellence in building systems. The images showcased their technical expertise, diverse services, and nationwide reach. By effectively representing the organization's values and capabilities, these visuals served as a powerful tool to attract potential customers and reinforce their position as a leading provider in the industry. Overall, the project was a success, providing Comfort Systems USA with a visual portfolio that effectively communicated their brand identity and contributed to their continued growth and success in the market.